FAQs Tattoo Removal


Does it HURT?

Laser Tattoo Removal can hurt more than getting a Tattoo but it’s much quicker.

Most people think it’s on par with getting a tattoo because it’s very quick even though it may hurt more. The pain stops as soon as the laser stops.

Lasering ink feels like being flicked with an elastic band.
Afterward it can feel like a sunburn for an hour.

How do Lasers Remove Tattoos?

Using a Q Switch Laser , is the best and safest way to remove tattoos.
The high powered light  hits your skin a a Billionth of a second, smashing the ink into tiny particles.

The smashed ink is the able to be removed by your Macrophages and safely removed through your lymphatic system.

The process needs to be repeated every 5-8 weeks, most tattoos require an average of 8-10 treatments to remove.

After Care

After laser we cover with dressing and Bepanthen as an antibacterial moisturiser for the first 3-5 Days.

Once your tattoo starts to Dry we recommend, Paw Paw Cream, Coconut Oil or Our Hemp and Calendula balm until your next treatment.

Keep Your Tattoo Out if the SUN

For best results , keeping your tattoo away from the sun is recommended.

Direct sunlight on your tattoo can toughen your skin making your tattoo graded to remove.

Direct sunlight on a healing tattoo can heighten the risk of scarring, pigment and textual changes to your skin.

What are the Risks?


There is a slight scarring and infection risk however this is Very rare, especially if all aftercare followed. If you are deemed at higher risk all aftercare needs to be followed.